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Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use, and Soundforge

Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use, and Soundforge

Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use, and Soundforge
May 17
11:00am – 12:00pm
Museum of Contemporary Craft
Free with museum admission

Objects that occupy daily lives can be some of the most challenging to present, analyze and consider in a museum environment. The second in the Object Focus series, this exhibition focuses on an archetypal cultural form: the bowl. Commonplace and familiar, the bowl can range from utilitarian to decorative, functional to conceptual. Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use will include interactive elements for visitors to handle a variety of bowls, and space for collective thoughts and responses in writing to help build fresh perspectives on this powerful, yet often overlooked form.

Soundforge continues the Museum’s SoundCraft series with a multimedia installation, the result of a two-year collaboration between metalsmith Gabriel Craig and composer Michael Remson. The installation combines video, audio, and sculptural elements in an interactive piece that explores forging metal as an act of fabrication and percussion. Audiences are invited to use custom hand-carved wooden mallets to play hand-forged steel keyed instruments. As each key is tuned to complement the musical score, it is through striking the keys that viewers successfully engage and complete the work.

Join MoCC Director and Chief Curator Namita Wiggers for an in depth look at Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use, and Soundforge, both exhibitions on view through September 21, 2013.

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